Vuze Turbo Booster

Vuze Turbo Booster 4.6.0

Complement tool for Vuze users

Vuze Turbo Booster is the perfect tool for improving the features of Vuze. This add-on integrates perfectly with this file sharing client, and speeds up download times. Vuze Turbo Booster changes several hidden settings in order to take advantage of every aspect of your bandwidth connection; accelerating your file downloads as you have never seen before. This add-on provides you with additional download sources, enabling you to download music, videos, games, documents and any other available files. Vuze Turbo Booster runs silently in the background, without interfering with Vuze or any other applications that you may be using. This add-on installs quickly and easily, and has customizable features. Vuze Turbo Booster can resume your broken and paused downloads automatically and also deletes completed and erroneous entries from the download list. Take full advantage of your Vuze program with Vuze Turbo Booster.